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Fountains and wash-houses

The « Pays des 7 Rivières » can be proud of its fountains and wash houses.

Thanks to the abundance of rivers and springs, dwellers were able to build so many fountains and wash-houses. Stressed by demographic development in 18e and 19e century, fountains and wash-houses became a priority for health and hygiene.

Forms of fountains and wash-houses depends on the imagination of architectes.

Fontaine de Thiénans

Wash-house of Etuz.
Remarkable for its structure. Built in 1845 by Pierre Marnotte and composed of 2 wash basins in a temple form with 28 columns in ionic style, this is the only example of this type in the Haute-Saône. It’s a classified monument.

Fontenois-les-Montbozon wash-house
This wash house is specific with its circular form covered by a dome and a zinc cap and mounted by one meter high spinning top, which often decorated wash houses in the past (Louis Well, 1830)

Oiselay wash-house
Impressive architecture for this wash-house (Mr Cornuty, 1831)

La Malachère wash-house
It distinguishes itself by a sober style and a round washing place surmounted by a roof which is a real carpenter’s artwork. (Pierre Duret, 1831)

You’ll be able to discover all of those building over water.

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