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Religious heritage

Franche-Comté has known a very rough past. Nowdays lots of past’s witnesses are visible, indicated the religious omnipotence.

The origin of religious art

In 11e century, to liberate itselfs from the violent pressure of the Lords, Church encouraged all acts of faith, opening the gates of paradise. That’s why dwellers begun to build churchs in all villages in order to be well seen by Religion.

The wooden churches were gradually replaced by stone churches. Stone is stronger than wood, allowing to erect larger and higher churches. Century after century religious act appears, diversifies and enhances the churches. Step by step, Gothic art replaces Romanesque.

It’s the beginning of religious art. The religious fervous will give birth to a profusion of artistics creations (gargoyles, rosettes, statues...)

Statue de Ste Anne

Retable de  l'église de Boult

Enjoy the beautiful chapels of : Voray, St Anne (Vellefaux), Le Cordonnet; churches of: Cirey les Bellevaux, Beaumotte with its bell tower put down on the floor, or the imposing Bonnevent’s church, from the 19e century, or the beautiful altarpiece of Boult’s church.
You can go on the “altarpieces road” in the Haute-Saône. You’ll see around 80 altarpieces. (You must call the town council before to be sure churches are opened).

To see: altarpiece of Maizières, Authoison, Recologne les Rioz…

The magnificence and the originality of the "dômes à l’impériale"

The must to see in Franche-Comté is churches steeples. The department of Haute-Saône counts most of bell tower of the country: no less than 277!

Admirez notamment les clochers de Boulot, Quenoche, Voray sur l’Ognon...

Specificity is not belt tower are alike – each one’s got its own particularity. You’ll be surprised by forms, colors, materials like tiles...

Have a look on bell towers of Boulot, Quenoche...

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