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Let you transport!

In family, between friends, borrow one of the3 tours which present itself to you and go off to explore the natural heritage, cultural and built of Pays des 7 Rivières/The country of 7 rivers !

3 loops :11, 18 ou 23 km

Circuit from a rail to the other one

For your comfort on the path, tables of picnic, benches and a viewpoint indicator (a nice point of view emphasized by this viewpoint indicator present on the profile of Pays des 7 Rivières/The country of 7 rivers.)

22 tables of reading to arouse the curiosity of the young and the big !

These tables of reading make the parallel between le Tacot and the LGV service on precise points : the stations, the travelers, the trains, etc…Sections "Quiz" and "Did you know it ?" contribute to the playful and educational aspect of the discovery path.

3 thematics :

  • the railroad
  • the heritage
  • the abysses

On the borough of Neuvelle-lès-Cromary, you will be able to take advantage of a nice place converted with benches around the source of Ermites, in the undergrowth, while informing you on the 6 surrounding abysses.

The inauguration of the station TacotReam Anniversary LGVCleaning of abysses

AgendaDetailed agenda

See you soon for new events in the land of 7 rivers (Pays des 7 Rivières).

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Pays des 7 Rivières